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Company Description:

Sylvan is a reliable and partner to you, the healthcare professional. For 31 years we have furnished high quality light sources that provide atraumatic care options to your hospital staff caring for neonates. Our transilluminators go beyond vein location and helps nurses with various daily challenges.

For years, Sylvan has helped healthcare professionals light the way to more comfortable and confident care - especially where neonates are concerned. Our fiberoptic transilluminators are renowned for their powerful, yet cool, light - as well as for their flexibility, affordability and rugged design. Look here for a variety of models that are designed to painlessly illuminate veins in patients of all ages. Then discover why Sylvan gets such glowing remarks from nurses and medical technicians everywhere.

Our medical devices support the nurse manager, nurse practitioner, physician assistant and physician in the NICU (Level I-IV), ER, and PICU in order to deliver atraumatic care solutions to neonates and other patients. Nurses value our devices because it minimizes the day’s biggest challenges at the beginning of each shift.

Sylvan’s transilluminators offer the highest quality, bright white light without heat. It also offers a unique filtration system that removes UV and infrared light energy. Our medical devices have served in hospitals for decades without failure. Like the company itself, our products stand the test of time.


The Neoscan® transilluminator is a handheld exam light that offers a brilliant white light output for excellent contrast between tissues, veins, and organs. With a simple push-button on/off switch and a silicone encased four-foot fiberoptic cable, this transilluminator is designed for easy operation. The all-aluminum body, LED lamp, and rubber switch cover makes this water-resistant, drop resistant, and built to endure the rigorous daily use of the hospital environment. With the brightest light output offered by Sylvan Corporation, the Neoscan® transilluminator helps healthcare professionals discover the contrast between muscle tissues, internal organs, and veins in a variety of patients.


  •  Aluminum exterior with double O-ring for watertight seal
  •  Rubberized push-button switch cover


  • 2.5 hour run time @ nominal output; 5000 recharge life
  •  Internal, rechargeable 3.7V; 2600mAh Li-ion battery with integrated battery overcharge and discharge protection
  • 2-hour recharge time

Fiberoptic Cable:

  • Silicone encased quartz silica glass strands and medical grade stainless steel
  • Reinforced with high quality strain relief on each end
  • Fully encased and can be disinfected with approved hospital antiseptic/germicide


  • Dimensions: 4.5’ (1.4m) long; 1.12” (2.8cm) diameter at LED housing.
  • Unit Weight: 12.2 ounces (345.86g)


  • ±11,000 foot-candle power @ full battery charge
  • 5000°K color temperature LED lamp assembly
  • Push-button on/off switch Included with


  • Neoscan® transilluminator with fiberoptic cable attached
  • Two (2) rechargeable batteries
  • Dual battery charger
  • Owner’s manual

The Neoscan® transilluminator, with the extremely rugged body and extraordinarily bright white LED light output makes this unit a great option for finding veins or internal organs in a variety of patients from neonates to geriatrics.

Product Information:
NeoscanĀ® LED Transilluminator A durable hand-held transilluminator powered by specialized LED lamps offering a brilliant white light output.

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